About Toronto Fire Historical Society

Preserving History and Traditions

The Toronto Fire Historical Society was established in 2018 by a group of active and retired Toronto Fire Fighters with the hopes of one day opening a comprehensive and all-encompassing fire museum.

From the early buckets brigades, the 13 municipal fire departments, amalgamation, and the fire service of today – we’re collecting and cataloguing it all. We are currently in the process of setting up a database of items and photographs from every period of our fire history.

Included are the Toronto Fire Department’s Royal Review in 1901, artifacts from The Great Toronto Fire in 1904, year books & run logs from across the decades, as well as 12 antique fire apparatus including: a steamer, hose wagon and several American La France and Bickle trucks.

Please check out our Toronto Fire History Virtual Museum Collection, and if you have any artifacts you would like to contribute, or further information on submitted photographs and artifacts, please contact info@torontofirehistory.com